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Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute

Anisa Jafar

Thesis title

'Medical documentation in sudden onset disasters: A review of the introduction and incorporation of the agreed WHO minimum data set for emergency medical teams'


I am currently undertaking my PhD in the area of medical record keeping in sudden onset disasters. This work looks at the development of a medical record which is suitable to the disaster environment, encompassing the WHO minimum data set for daily reporting as well as practitioner perspectives on the record-keeping process and Ministry of Health views on whether the minimum data set meets their requirements.


  • Professor Anthony Redmond - (Humanitarian and Conflict Response Insitute - Professor of International Emergency Medicine)
  • Professor Fiona Lecky - (The Centre for Urgent and Emergency Care Research, University of Sheffield - Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine)

Research interests

My interests are in practical application of research within emergency medicine and more specifically in a resource constrained environment and currently focussed on sudden onset disasters.

Teaching interests

I have provided teaching online for Global Health postgraduate programmes and in lecture format for postgraduate, undergraduate and college students. I also have experience teaching clinical undergraduates and postgraduates across a variety of settings such as problem-bases learning, tutorials, lectures and shopfloor/bedside teaching.

Professional background

I am an ST4 doctor in emergency medicine currently out of training for three years to complete my PhD. I provide some consultancy for UK-Med in the area of medical records and have partaken in the WHO minimum data set working group.

Previous education

  • MPH The University of Manchester (2014)
  • MRCEM (2012)
  • MRCP London (2011)
  • DTM&H Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (2010)
  • MBChB(e) University of Manchester (2008)

Why I’m doing a PhD at HCRI

The HCRI provides a multi-disciplinary working environment which allows me to access expertise in a wide range of methodology. It also has a close working relationship with UK-Med which provides a practical platform for my research work to influence practice. The staff within the HCRI have a wide global presence and are able to provide access to interesting and important avenues to ensure research goes beyond the “so what?” factor and actually has a positive effect in the right arena.


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