Benjamin Gittins

Thesis title

'Adapting to insecurity: the increasing prominence of remote humanitarian management'


My research focuses on remote humanitarian management and the impacts and effects this has on aid work. In attempting to square the circle of researching remote contexts, empirical data gathered from humanitarian logistics and supply chain management will be used as a way of exploring what it means to operate remotely, contributing towards a better understanding of the impacts and effects of remote management on aid work.


  • Prof Roger Mac Ginty - (Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute - Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies)
  • Dr Roisin Read - (Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute - Lecturer in Migration Studies)

Research interests

Remote humanitarian settings, adaptations and people

Teaching interests

  • Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response in Scholarship and Practice (Undergraduate 1st Year- HCRI: 2016- 2017)

Professional background

Previous experience working for Relief International.

Previous education

  • MA Humanitarianism and Conflict Response, The University of Manchester
  • BA history and politics, University of Leicester

Contact details