Charlotte Doggett

Thesis title 

Capturing Forgotten Voices: Syrian adolescents’’ experiences of displacement and humanitarian action in Jordan and Lebanon.


This research aims to capture the voices of Syrian adolescent refugees and to help integrate them into humanitarian programming structures. Refugee adolescents are one of the most vulnerable age groups in the spaces of conflict and displacement, yet they are often overlooked in the formal architectures of humanitarian programming as well as academic literature.

Ultimately, this means humanitarian programming is often detached from the experiences and needs of adolescents. This project, therefore, reimagines humanitarian programming with the proximate experiences of Syrian adolescents at the forefront of the research.

This research will work with Syrian adolescent refugees living in Jordan and Lebanon to identify the key challenges they face during conflict-related displacement and what provisions are in place to help them negotiate these challenges.

These provisions will be explored to examine if they relate to adolescents' needs, are accessible to all adolescents, how they impact adolescents' lives and the wider community, and how adolescents respond to external humanitarian action.