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Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute

Margot Tudor

Thesis title

'Blue Helmet Bureaucracy: Peacekeeping as Colonial Ambition, a Lesson in Governance, and the Exploitation of ‘Humanitarianism’.


History of multilateral and bilateral peacekeeping by investigating the interactions between colonial state actors and humanitarian agents in Central Africa.


  • Dr Eleanor Davey - (Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute, Lecturer in History of Humanitarianism)
  • Dr Laure Humbert - (The University of Manchester, Lecturer in Modern History)

Research interests

  • empire
  • colonial continuities
  • peacekeeping
  • non-state actor governance
  • bureaucracy
  • international law
  • humanitarianism

Professional background

Fundraising and research intern in VAWG charities in Bristol and London

Previous education

  • BA in History, University of Bristol
  • MRes in Security, Conflict and Justice, University of Bristol

Why I’m doing a PhD at HCRI

HCRI is a unique environment where academics, policy-makers and practitioners interact on a regular basis. As a historian, I am keen to be able to investigate the present-day implications of my research. And so, with colleagues such as these, it’ll be difficult to avoid interdisciplinary perspectives and collaborative opportunities.


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