Niamh Hanrahan

Thesis title

An Asian refugee crisis? Humanitarian relief of Jewish refugees in Hong Kong, Kobe, Manila and Surabaya (1931-1953)


My research aims to analyse humanitarian networks dedicated to the protection and relief of European Jewish refugees in Hong Kong, Kobe, Manila and Surabaya from 1931 to 1953. My project concentrates on three groups: Jewish humanitarian organisations, intergovernmental organisations and individual initiatives. I will explore how humanitarian organizations comprehended the moving and temporary geography of these Jewish populations in the context of colonialism, World War II and post-war relief efforts. Alongside this, I plan to explore the agency and experiences of refugees in spaces largely controlled by aid organisations and understand their mutual interaction. In doing so, I aim to look at why refugees chose to stay or leave these regions and the role of the aid networks within these decisions.


Prof. Bertrand Taithe and Dr. Antoine Burgard