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Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute

Sian Mullen

Thesis title

'Determining the Impact of Landmine Clearance and Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA): Measuring effective interventions'


In contributing to the field of post conflict recovery, this research will look at methods of evaluating the impact of mine action and look towards creating more effective evaluation tools and frameworks. Specifically it will explore methods of measuring and identifying changes – positive and negative – that have occurred as a result of mine action interventions. It will go on to explore how evidence collected through evaluation can be used more effectively to influence decisions at a policy and programming level.

Research interests

Mine action; evaluation of humanitarian interventions; the impact of aid.

Professional background

  • Policy analysis and research - Save the Children, Sierra Leone
  • Research and campaign support - Search the Common Ground, Sierra Leone
  • Project worker - Potters Village, Uganda

Previous education

  • MA African Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Bradford
  • BA (Hons) Community and Youth Studies, Leeds Metropolitan University

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