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Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute

Yoshito Nakagawa

Thesis title

'Argumentative peacebuildings in East Timor and Somaliland'


I wish to interrogate the forms of peace and epistemology and reflexivity in researching peace. Boege et al (2009) once categorised the forms of peace in East Timor and Somaliland as the 'liberal peace' and the 'hybrid peace', and argues that the different forms led to the different outcomes.

I wish to examine what forms of peace were built and transformed in the two contexts and to what extent Boege et al (2009) was relevant to the 'reality' of which my study will inform.

Research interests

I am interested in socio-political implications of the contemporary peacebuilding.

Professional background

I worked in Latin America (Nicaragua, Mexico and Paraguay), Asia (East Timor) and Africa (Somaliland/Somalia and South Sudan) as an aid worker.

Previous education

I previously studied in Japan (economics), Spain (management), and the UK (international development).


I am interested in widely sharing my interests and passions with practitioners in the field.

Why I'm doing a PhD at HCRI

I was (and am) interested in the debates of the 'liberal peace' and the 'hybrid peace'.

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