The Hub for Hybrid Communications in Peacebuilding (HCPB)

Graffiti of two hands shaking and non-English text

Dr Catherine Arthur founded the Hub for Hybrid Communications in Peacebuilding (HCPB) project with Dr Stef Pukallus at the University of Sheffield where they collaborate with the non-academic sector to implement communicative activities geared towards peace.

HCPB aims to bring together researchers who seek to understand the communicative architecture and infrastructure of sustainable peace, and how representational and non-representational communication can contribute to sustainable peacebuilding.

Communication is defined broadly to include written text (fiction and non-fiction), creative practices such as arts, music, theatre and dance, and other media of interaction and communication in post-conflict contexts.

HCPB launched its first event online in July, with over a dozen of its current members, planning the next events for this autumn.

Project team/contact

  • Contact the project team if you are interested in joining HCPB as a member.