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Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute

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Global Health MSc (Online)

Our online courses have been developed for people working in the humanitarian sector or for those wishing to enter this field. They enable students to obtain the highest quality postgraduate education whilst maintaining full-time employment anywhere in the world.

The MSc Global Health is a 3 year part-time, online distance learning course. The course has a weighting of 180 credits and is structured as follows:

  • Year 1 (PG Cert - 60 credits) - 4 course units comprising 8 weeks of teaching followed by one week of assessment. Students complete each unit in turn before progressing to the next.
  • Year 2 (PG Dip - 60 credits) - same structure as Year 1.
  • Year 3 (MSc dissertation - 60 credits) - Dissertation.

Course aims

On completion of the course students should be able to:

  • demonstrate their capacity for self-managed learning through planning and conducting a programme of research on a topic related to their programme of studies;
  • further develop knowledge of a relevant body of literature, understanding of relevant theoretical perspectives and powers of critical reasoning;
  • seek new research findings which, in some cases, add to the existing body of knowledge on a particular subject area;
  • engage in a limited programme of primary data collection or to reinterpret material already available in the public domain;
  • develop knowledge of, and competence in, an appropriate range of research methods, including the development of a study hypothesis, an appreciation of the research methodology and analytical techniques to be utilised, the undertaking of a specific research study, the synthesis and evaluation of findings, and a clear statement of conclusions and recommendations;
  • develop writing, presentation and bibliographic skills, which involves skills in the planning and management of a long document;
  • build experience of developing and managing a specific programme of work.

Entry requirements

You should have completed the PG Diploma in Global Health (PG Dip) at The University of Manchester and have graduated with an overall average of 50% or higher. Each application is judged on its own merits and exceptions to this entry requirement may be made.

Study details

All students will be allocated a dissertation supervisor who will support them throughout the year. Formal dissertation supervision sessions will be arranged which may be conducted via videoconference, telephone, or by email depending upon the personal preference and the facilities available to each student.

All assessment will take place online. Students will submit their dissertations at the end of the 12 month programme. These will be assessed and students will be informed of the outcome thereafter.


  • £2,100 ( for entry in September 2018)
  • Entry points: September

How to apply

To apply for the MSc in Global Health applicants must either:

Programme progression

Students will progress through the online programmes as follows:

Step 1: Postgraduate Certificate in Global Health (PG Cert)

  • Online application form
  • Online reference
  • Personal statement
  • Supporting documentation

Step 2: Postgraduate Diploma in Global Health (PG Dip) 

  • Pass Year 1 (PG Cert)
  • Progress to Year 2 (PG Dip)

Step 3: MSc Dissertation

  • Pass Year 2 (PG Dip)
  • Progress to Year 3 (MSc Dissertation)