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Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute


Below are a selection of profiles of the many successful alumni that have studied at HCRI. Most of the featured students took the HCRI MA.

  • Charlie Reeves

    Charlie Reeves

    Charlie Reeves is a logistics and supply chain management professional in the UK who studied at HCRI in 2009/10. He has a range of professional experience with Save the Children and was also educated at Cranfield School of Management.

  • Karen Livingstone

    Karen Livingstone

    Karen Livingstone was a part-time HCRI student in 2010/12. She is a nurse at the University Hospital of South Manchester as well as being a member of the UK International Emergency Trauma Register, Medical Adviser, UK-Med and an associate of Save the Children.

  • David Trott

    David Trott

    David Trott was a full-time student at HCRI in 2011-12. He is now Director and Project Consultant at Impact Charity Advisors Ltd., where he works with several large NGOs, charities, and voluntary organisations. The MA course at the HCRI has allowed David to apply leading academic scrutiny and rigour to the work of NGOs and charities, in order to improve humanitarian efforts and coordination amongst agencies.

  • Nicole Dulieu

    Nicole Dulieu

    Nicole Dulieu was a full-time, international student at HCRI in 2012-13. She currently assists the Emergency Nutrition Network with various projects.

  • Michelle Farrington

    Michelle Farrington

    Michelle Farrington was a full-time student at HCRI in 2010-11. She is an emergency specialist in Hygiene Promotion/WASH, and has carried out projects for the International Medical Corps in Turkey, REDR UK, ActionAid and WaterAid. Michelle has also trained at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London.

  • Debbie Hawker

    Debbie Hawker

    Debbie Hawker was a part-time HCRI student in 2010/12. She is an Aspergillosis and TB Specialist Nurse at The National Aspergillosis Centre, University Hospital of South Manchester and a member of the UK International Emergency Trauma Register (UKIETR). She has worked on various projects including volunteering in Uganda in 2009/10.

  • Maillie McQuaid

    Maillie McQuaid

    During Maillie's undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Manchester she became interested in attitudes towards outgroup members and the psychological wellbeing of refugees, successfully completing her dissertation on attitude formation towards Syrian refugees. During trips to the Middle East and Asia, Maillie's interest in humanitarian issues, human rights violations and wealth distribution continued further.

  • Siyah Ahmed

    Siyah Ahmed

    Siyah Ahmed is currently working for Maldivian Red Crescent, in a Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction and Management project to set up the institutional framework for disaster management at the local level. He works closely with the communities to assess their risks and facilitate the process of developing practical actions to reduce the loss due to disasters.

  • Joy Okafor

    Joy Okafor

    A pharmacist by profession, Joy dedicates most of her leisure time rendering volunteer health services to her local community. She believes the importance of good health can never be overemphasized especially in a developing country like Nigeria. She came to HCRI for an enabling learning environment full of diversity, thereby equipping her with skills that will aid in tackling the existing and emerging health challenges in her home country.

  • Alusine Sebora Kargbo

    Alusine Sebora Kargbo

    Alusine is a senior youth volunteer for the Sierra Leone Red Cross Society. He volunteered with the Ebola Outbreak Response Team in contact tracing, Psychosocial work, disinfection and mobilisation in the Moyamba District throughout June - July 2014. He was also involved in the coordination of the celebration of the Sierra Leone Red Cross movement on 8 May 2014. He believes that HCRI lecturers hold real gravitas in the world of global health.

  • Anna Maria Kaczmarek

    Anna Maria Kaczmarek

    Anna Maria Kaczmarek is a Public Health graduate (MPH; 2005) with a post qualifying experience of public health policy and science, health promotion, patient rights, equality and human rights, and advocacy. Following her observations of the long term human rights violations across the world as well as of the rising economic and political instability and forced displacement, Anna decided to go back to a University to study Global Health.

  • Tiia Haapaniemi

    Tiia Haapaniemi

    Currently based in Nairobi, Kenya, Tiia works for the Finnish Red Cross in two projects implemented by the Kenya Red Cross Society. One targets to improve mother and child health and nutrition in North Eastern Kenya, and the other aims to contribute to strengthened community resilience near the Kenyan Coast, by enhancing e.g. nutrition and disaster preparedness in the area.