Our novel research configuration combines the expert insights of leading researchers in both applied medicine and humanities, in partnership with non-governmental organisations and other collaborators.

There is a vital and growing need for greater research to drive and inform humanitarian practices in the field. Our programme of research allows us to explore the circumstances in which knowledge has been generated, applied and the consequences this has had.

We are particularly concerned with the interaction between practitioners and their modes of interventions, along with other initiatives - educational, political and artistic - which inform or shape responses to conflicts and crises. This focus on styles and practices of intervention draws attention to technical and technocratic forms of engagement, but also incorporates questions of culture, as in the ways in which medical intervention is represented through the media, the arts, and in the educational curriculum.

We have a dynamic and thriving research environment with a varied and accomplished cohort of PhD researchers and we also welcome approaches from other researchers or organisations would be interested in accessing the Institute's resources and expertise by partnering with our research staff.

Find out more about our cutting-edge research which is either institute-led or carried out in partnership with our valued collaborators.

Global inequalities