Schools and outreach

Get involved with HCRI! Look out for events, sessions, and visits (virtual for now) for sixth forms and schools

HCRI giving a presentation in a school classrooom

Every year we work closely with schools and colleges both local to Manchester and further afield, whether that’s through open days, conferences like our Careers in Humanitarianism Day, or through sharing educational resources.

While all plans for the upcoming year are being finalised to ensure they’re COVID secure, please get in touch for an HCRI representative to speak to your students (virtually), or to register your interest for upcoming events:

Careers in Humanitarianism Day: Outreach Session

Our 8th annual Careers Day was held virtually on 12 February 2021, and we held an exclusive information session for sixth form students interested in studying with us in 2021/22. The session included mini introductions to modules from our Lecturers, and current students sharing their experience and advice. If you'd like to catch-up on the session, either individually or to watch as a class, you can do so here:

HCRI Introduction and Information session, for sixth formers - YouTube

Teaching Resources

You can freely access ‘After Maria’, a graphic novella by our Lecturer Dr Gemma Sou, exploring how low-income Puerto Rican families recovered from the impacts of Hurricane Maria. The resource also includes:

  • information about research on disaster impacts, disaster recovery and media representations of disasters
  • discussion points
  • the importance of graphically illustrating research
  • further reading

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More information

You can find out more about the broader outreach activities of our faculty here. You can also get connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or sign up to our mailing list.