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Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute

Field trip in Uganda

Why study here?

As a leading global centre for the study of humanitarianism, conflict responses, global health, international disaster management and peacebuilding, we offer an unrivalled learning environment for students interested in pursuing careers in humanitarian aid or research.

Did you know?


HCRI is home to UK-Med, an NGO that provides international emergency humanitarian medical assistance to incidents worldwide.

Our community includes medical students and humanitarian professionals from a range of backgrounds. The learning experience in Manchester is enhanced by a range of other options, such as field work, placements and more.

You’ll have the opportunity to engage first-hand with the people, projects and organisations that shape humanitarian, global health, disaster management, conflict response and intervention strategy around the world.


Manchester has a reputation as a very forward-thinking, gritty sort of city, and I thought what better place to study peace and try and create some form of justice in the world.

Eric Lepp / PhD candidate