HCRI Society

The HCRI Society is a non-academic society, open to students within the Institute and beyond, with an interest in humanitarian topics, research, activism, or just getting to know like-minded people and attending social events.

A group picture of the HCRI Society on an outing

The society was established in 2019 and has since been nominated for the Student Union’s New Society of the Year Award, recognising the inclusive, welcoming and fun nature of the society. They take an active role in helping to organise fresher’s week, ensuring it meets the needs of our students, and throughout the year hold events which have previously included Junkyard Golf, Pub Quizzes, and Christmas Socials.

“Since co-founding and then chairing the society, it has been such a privilege to watch it grow into such a wonderful group. Being part of the society has allowed me to meet and become friends with people from different cohorts in HCRI who I would probably never have got the chance to talk to and has made a real difference to the student community in HCRI, allowing us to become more connected. I can’t recommend it enough!”

- Mattie Shannon, HCRI Soc Chair

Everybody is welcome – sign up here.

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