HCRI Society

The HCRI Society provides a space for students, within the Institute and beyond, with an interest in humanitarian topics to come together, share ideas and socialise. It's a great way to get to know like-minded people while digging deeper into the issues you care about.

A group picture of the HCRI Society on an outing

The society was formed in 2019 and has since been nominated for the Student Union's New Society of the Year Award, recognising the inclusive, welcoming and fun nature of its activities.

HCRI Society takes an active role in organising speaker events, alumni networking opportunities, and socials such as BBQs and quizzes, as well as participating in activism at the university and beyond. The society is always open to new faces and new event ideas, so get involved!

"It's so important for different cohorts to meet each other and socialise. The society provides students with a chance to form connections which will help them through their degree and beyond. Our members are engaged in their communities and passionate in their studies and their activism. We look forward to seeing you at our events!”

Maisy Vincent, HCRI Society Chair 2023/24

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