Collaborative partners

Through partnerships with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), industry bodies and policy-makers we are able to make a meaningful impact in the field and reach many key humanitarian decision-makers internationally.

Providing humanitarian aid effectively is influenced by policy at many levels.

Local, regional, national and international laws and regulations may all have an effect of responses and initiatives - and the insights and opinions of those providing and managing aid are important.

To help shape the regulatory climate we share and facilitate events, carry out policy briefings and workshops, and inform lawmakers all over the world through academic research output.

Our experienced staff are members of various boards and advisory groups and we have a number of affiliated staff and contacts who also contribute to the dissemination of our work.

The ongoing success of the Institute would not be possible without funding and support from The University of Manchester, University Hospital South Manchester, and a generous personal benefaction.

We are also grateful for the assistance of our alumni philanthropists.

If you would like to explore supporting the work of the Institute through research collaborations, meetings activities, or charitable gifts, please contact us.

Our partners