Rohi Jehan

Thesis Title

‘Formation of Women Counterpublics in Kashmir: A Case Study of Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP)’.


My research investigates the women spaces in Kashmir and how they function as subaltern counterpublics on the basis of their common interests, needs and concerns. Taking a case study of APDP, the project investigates the cause and activism of the organization. Women groups like APDP ‘function as the spaces of re-groupment on the basis of their own common concerns, and training grounds for the agitational activities towards the wider public’. For APDP, these common concerns are to seek the whereabouts of their disappeared family members from the Indian government, and a common ground to fight for their rights within the patriarchal Kashmiri society.


  • Dr Rubina Jasani
  • Dr Roisin Read

Research Interest

Conflict; women organisations and groups; oral narratives; subaltern narratives

Professional Background

An independent filmmaker and an oral historian.

Previous Education

  • BSc, University of Kashmir
  • MA in Mass Communication and Journalism, University of Kashmir
  • MPhil in West Asian Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

Why I’m Doing a PhD at HCRI

For me, HCRI is a vision. A vision to bridge the gap between research and the intended research subjects. Such an interdisciplinary humanitarianism approach towards research became an impulsive force to choose the institute for my research project. 

Although I began my PhD in January 2020, my journey started one year before that when I got in touch with Dr Eleanor Davey and Dr Rubina Jasani. Their prompt responses to dozens of my emails had a positive impression on me and I began studying the methods of research done at HCRI. The more I got involved, the more I was firm that I should do my research in such an institution where academics and practice go hand-in-hand.

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