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Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute

Professional Experience

Our goal at The Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (HCRI) and The University of Manchester is to empower all our graduates with the skills, confidence and experience they need to achieve a successful career.

Most jobs in humanitarianism, such as researcher in the field or campaign and advocacy coordinator, are very competitive and require applicants to have undertaken significant relevant professional experience.

HCRI2022 Professional Experience Project (Undergraduates)

Open to HCRI’s second year students, the course module offers our students (4-6) the opportunity to undertake work cooperatively as enquiry-based learners on a ‘real world’ project typically proposed by the external organisation and defined by the organisation’s business needs or individual placement with local/regional humanitarian organisations, non-governmental organisations or charities.

It has been designed to enable students to develop key practical skills and knowledge, collaborative team skills and creative management skills required in a workplace.

Projects can vary but this can cover areas of work including research report, campaigning, and event organising or be addressing a specific issue within the host organisation. The organisations are: Rethink Rebuild Society, The Conflict and Environment Observatory, Women Asylum Seekers Together (WAST) and Association of Greater Manchester Authorities, Civil Contingencies and Resilience Unit.

For more information about this course model, read the HCRI2022 Professional Experience Project Student Handbook.

SALC70300&70150 SALC Placement (Postgraduates)

Students will undertake a placement of 20 days or more at an organisation in the region. They are arranged by the Institute for Cultural Practices and supported by a series of lectures/workshops and tutorials on campus. Assessment will be based on documentation, analysis and reflection on the work undertaken.

For more information about this module, visit the ICP webpage.

Alternatively, visit our student blog webpage.

Career and employability

The University of Manchester offers a variety of extra-curricular activities and volunteering opportunities that enable you to explore your interests and enhance your CV. We are dedicated to ensuring you not only gain a highly reputable degree but that you also graduate with relevant life and work based skills. Visit our careers and employability page for full details.