Making peacekeeping data work for the international community

HCRI hosts a major ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council) funded study entitled 'Making peacekeeping data work for the international community'.

Summary of project

UN Peacekeepers looking out over a vista

The project will last three years from June 2014 and will look at how the UN can better interrogate the data that its peacekeeping missions collect.

Using incident data from the UN and African Union mission in Darfur, the project is concerned with the information gathering techniques that international actors have during missions, and how this information reflects (or does not reflect) the experiences of local communities.

Professor Roger Mac Ginty is the Principal Investigator on this qualitative and quantitative project, and works alongside Dr Tanja Muller, Professor Bertrand Taithe and Dr Celia Russell.

International work

The project involves fieldwork, the deep interrogation of an existing database, cooperation with the humanitarian policy world, as well as theory and concept building.

The ultimate aim is to help the UN and other international organisations and humanitarian INGOs better use the data available for them to assist effectiveness.

ES/L007479/1 - Making Peacekeeping Data Work for the International Community.

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