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Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute

Save the Children

Our partnership with Save the Children

Save the Children and HCRI have formed a strategic partnership, enabling Save the Children to draw upon HCRI’s research capacity and scholarly expertise, and giving HCRI opportunities to conduct field research that directly informs humanitarian policy and practices. This innovative partnership is aimed at improving the organisation, implementation and understanding of humanitarian activities.

Humanitarian Affairs Adviser

The Humanitarian Affairs Adviser – a new, jointly managed role – will be the linking point between the two institutions and Jessica Field has been appointed. Over the coming year, she will focus primarily on an exciting project aimed at reconceptualising humanitarian effectiveness, using a bottom-up framework of analysis. This will involve: contributing to the design and implementation of a research programme, including the production of original written outputs; forming working relationships within Save the Children and HCRI staff.

Humanitarian Leadership Academy launches to train the next generation of aid workers

HCRI is proud to support the Humanitarian Leadership Academy which launched on 23 March 2015. It is a ground-breaking initiative which aims to train frontline humanitarian responders to mobilise locally, revolutionising how the world responds to humanitarian disasters and emergencies.

The first of its kind, the Humanitarian Leadership Academy is a truly global collaboration between the private sector, governments, academia and NGOs designed to save lives and ensure increasing humanitarian needs are better served at point of impact.

Never before has an amalgamation of such partners come together to launch a project of this scale. The Academy is working with northern- and southern-led aid agencies such as Oxfam, BRAC, Norwegian Refugee Council, Save the Children and Action Against Hunger as well as leading academic establishments including Open University and the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (HCRI) at the University of Manchester.