Young People in Humanitarianism Conference

This programme engages secondary school students in current world affairs, and encourages them to take on and attempt to deal with complex global crises.

Young People in Humanitarianism Conference

As part of the Humanitarian Case Studies module, Humanitarianism and Conflict Response MA students organise an annual Young People in Humanitarianism Conference. The conference, for which students are assessed through their participation, organisation and reflection, is funded by the Schools-University Partnership Initiative.

The inaugural conference was held in 2016. The third conference was held on Thursday 27th June 2019 and involved students from Buile Hill Visual Arts College in Greater Manchester. HCRI students were tasked with not only the logistics of organising a conference for a delegation of young people but were also responsible for preparing the activities along three streams: human rights, refugees and disasters and climate change. We had three full preparation days during semester two; this was then followed with the conference day in June. Young people were immersed in activities based on their stream. Some learned to devise human rights for the fictional, 'People's Republic of Greater Manchester', others experienced a day in the life of a refugee; whilst some tackled climate change problems.

The date of the next conference will be announced soon.

You can also view our short video from the conference held in 2019.