Isobel Sonksen

BSc (Hons) Global Health (intercalated)

What inspired you to study this course?

Isobel Sonksen

This degree has enabled me to embrace an opportunity to pursue an interest in global health further. Global health is particularly interesting because of its scope, encompassing many fields and academic disciplines.

Throughout this course, I found learning about the health issues faced by migrants in humanitarian and conflict settings most compelling. One other fascinating area of this course included anthropological debates around racism and health.

What have you found most surprising/challenging about studying in the HCRI to be?

One piece of information that I consider useful before embarking on this course is an understanding that it requires a different academic skillset as social science papers differ from medical ones. This made assessments more difficult at the beginning.

Beyond your studies, what do you most enjoy about studying in the HCRI?

Being an intercalated medical student from Sheffield, I enjoyed immersing myself in a different university. In particular, I found joining Manchester Medics Netball Club useful in meeting other students.

Why do you think it’s important to study global health?

Global health is important as it engages discussions required to raise an understanding of global health inequalities, and thus encourage health care for disease prevention and treatment.

What do you hope to do with your studies in HCRI?

Whilst I am unsure if global health has changed my career ambitions, it has revealed the range of routes available, both academic and clinical. Later in life, I hope to volunteer in a refugee camp to better understand the complex issues surrounding global health and witness the ways that charities promote health in humanitarian settings.

What do you think you’ll remember most about studying at HCRI?

One particular aspect of studying at HCRI that forms a good learning environment for students is the staff’s passion for their field – it inspired me to read further into subject matters and engage fully with the course.